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Brad's Super Bait Cut Plugs have been a huge rage the past few seasons on the great lakes.  Unless you've been living under a rock you've seen a ton written about them on various forums.  The Poseidon crew has been dabbling with Brad's Baits since 2009 and have acquired quite a bit of experience using them.  I want to share what has worked for us, and how to successfully run Brad's with Teasers.

Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug - how we run them: 

  • Meat:  We've packed the cut plugs with Tuna, Herring, Alewives and Anchovies.  Tuna seems to work the best, plus it's the easiest to get a hold of and the cheapest. What kind of tuna?  I like the tuna packed in oil, as the oil absorbs a lot of scent.  We soak the sponge in the tuna oil and it seems to hold onto the scent for hours.  A lot of guys use garlic tuna, but it's nearly impossible to find (at least by me.)  I've made my own garlic tuna, but noticed no discernible difference in effectiveness, so we forgo the garlic.  A word on cleaning.   After a day on the water make sure you take these baits home and wash them thoroughly.  I soak both the sponge and the bait in Lemon Joy soap.   After a 1/2hr soak give them a quick scrub and rinse down.  It's quick and painless, but if you forget to clean these baits you'll not only end up with a rank smelling tackle box, but a lure that is worthless for catching fish.
  • Rigging:  We rig our Brad's with a single 3/0 Siwash or 4/0 Octopus hook.  The hook is attached to a 50-80# Spro swivel.  The swivel is tied to a 30# fluorocarbon leader that is threaded through the cut plug, we leave a 12" leader.  At the end of the leader attach a small 30# snap swivel.  The 12" leader with a snap swivel allows us to use the bait naked or attached to one of our teasers.
  • Teasers:  The rigging I described above allows us to use the same cut plug in conjunction with one of our teasers without any additional rigging.  All of our teasers are 36" long and come pre-tied with a 80# Spro swivel attached to each end. If you have a 12" leader tied to your Brad's bait with a snap swivel, all you need to do is attach the snap to the swivel on the teaser.  This gives what we've found to be the perfect length teaser of 48".  Run the teaser behind your favorite flasher or dodger.  Spin Dr's and old school Jensen Dodgers can be especially productive in the 8" and 10" sizes.  This is the way we fish Brad's Super Bait Cut Plugs 80% of the time.  I just find them to be more effective with a teaser setup and flasher then run naked.  This rig would be ran on a diver or downrigger.
  • Naked Brad's: If we run a Brad's without an attractor than it's going to be on a leadcore or copper setup.  A naked Brad's is a stealth option so pair it with a stealth rod.  Rigging is simple, attach your snap on the Brad's leader to the snap on your rod and you are ready to go.  This year we are going to experiment with running teasers in front of the Brad's without an attractor.  I know this was a very productive rig for some last year.

Would I say Brad's are a magic bullet?  No...but they sure can work wonders on tough days.



  • poseidonflies09


    Actually they are less work than a meat rig. Pack it with some tuna and toss it in the water, no tuning necessary. If a fish smacks it but doesn’t hook up the bait keeps spinning and will often get another strike unlike a meat rig where often times the herring will be mangled. Another big consideration on the WI side..Herring is not easy to find, but Tuna is everywhere and cheaper. My take is the average fisherman has more success with Brad’s baits over standard meat rigs, since they are more speed tolerant and you can’t run them wrong .

  • JB

    I too have seen a lot written about these. Do they outfish a normal meat rig for you guys? They sure seem like a lot of extra work to me?
    Great post. Thanks!

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