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Mississippi River Duck Weekend 2010

Last weekend we made our annual weekend trip to the Mississippi river in western Wisconsin.  The water level as most know was much higher then years past.  The high water forced us to hunt areas that we're not as familiar with.   Saturday morning our hunt started slower then we'd like, taking only three birds in the first two hours.

We decided a move was in order and picked up the decoys and relocated to an area where we saw the ducks working all morning.  By late afternoon even with some suspect shooting we had taken 9 ducks (5 Mallards, 2 Gadwalls, 1 Green Wing Teal, and 1 Canvasback.)  I never tire of the incredible variety of ducks you will see hunting on the Mississippi river!

Sunday morning was much slower for the few hours we hunted.  Bright sun and no wind combined to make for tough conditions.  We scratched out four more ducks though (1 Green Wing Teal, 1 Mallard, 1 Wigeon and 1 Ringbill.)

We saw numerous flocks of Mallards piling into the flooded timber the high water has created.  If we would have had longer to hunt, the flooded timber is where I would have went.  It was a great trip as usual highlighted by the beautiful bull Canvasback that I'm getting mounted.  The Can broke off a flock of 10 and came in cupped to the decoys landing outside of shotgun range.  After a bit the bird spooked and flew just a touch to close to us and we dropped him about 100 yards back in the marsh grass.  I was quite concerned about where the bird had fallen and had my doubts about finding it.  To my amazement Lena my one year old lab was able to find the bird!

This is my first year hunting with my own dog and it's been very rewarding.  Sure there are frustrating moments, but sharing your blind with your dog is really special and adds enjoyment to this great sport.  She's made great progress over the course of the short season so far.  We have PLENTY to work on still, but we're making progress!

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  • Lena

    I am perfect. I don’t need any work. You guys are the ones that need work. If you shot more birds maybe I’d be better! You’re a bunch of bad shots.


    P.S. I don’t need the ‘e’ collar anymore, so don’t put it on me.

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