2010 -

October Duck Hunting SE Wisconsin

The past three weekends I've been lucky enough to make it out duck hunting with my young pup and brother.  With my dog just turning one last Friday, it's been important for her to get as much experience as I can manage to pack into her first season.  It's been really fun to watch her progression.  She can be frustrating at times, but more then worth it!

We've done all right the past three hunts taking between five and seven birds each hunt split up between Mallards, Green Wing Teal, Wigeon and Blue Wing Teal.  Mallards and Green Wings have been the bulk of the harvest.

Things we've noticed over the season.  Find a spot off the beaten path.  This is easier said then done, and really tough if your hunting in SE Wisconsin!!!  In a heavily hunted marsh you'll notice how the birds avoid flying over water.  They are either sky high or above the cattails.   In order to capitalize you must being willing to work and get off the main channels and pools.  We have a mud motor on our boat, but still end up dragging the boat and trudging into more secluded areas.  The sweat pays off with more birds and less competition.

If you've spent any time in the marsh during the past 10 years you've notice how everyone has and uses spin wing decoys like a "Mojo" or "Roto" Duck.  I find spin wing decoys especially deadly on opening weekend, on Teal and any young of the year bird.  After the first few weeks of hunting  most ducks learn that spinners shoot back.  By mid-October I believe you're better off with an old school jerk cord then with a spinner.  Now during a day with a heavy migration spinners can work well once again, for that reason I always take it with me.

This weekend we're headed to the Mighty Mississippi to try our luck.  It will be interesting to see how this year stacks up compared to years past. This years high water, I'm sure has caused many shallow water puddle ducks to move on or spread out from their traditional areas. Either way I'm sure the "Miss" will not disappoint. Poseidon


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