The Asian Carp Fiasco

While I do not want to wade into the political arena with my posts, I could not resist with today's news.  It was a double whammy of bad!!  First the US Supreme court has refused to shut the two lakeside navigation locks preventing Asian Carp from entering the lake, second DNA evidence of Asian carp in Lake Michigan waters has been discovered.

Most not in favor of an emergency closing of the locks argue that DNA evidence is not substantial enough to warrant a closing.  Really????  DNA evidence is used daily in our courts of law and is considered as close as it gets to the absolute truth.  It's incredible there is even an argument about this. Hopefully not enough carp get in the lake, and the doom and gloom scenario does not play out. 

As angry as I am about the joke that is the Army Corps of Engineers allowing the carp into our lakes, I know all is not lost.   A lot of things have to happen for the carp to get a foothold.  There are chinks in their armor.  First, Asian Carp require streams to spawn..... possibly there is a way to exploit this like we do to control sea lampreys.  Second, a significant number of the carp need to enter the lake for there to be enough to establish a breeding population.  Third, it is very likely the carp do not find the big lakes very hospitable, reason being Lake Michigan is quite sterile compared to a river system. 

If the Asian Carp do get a foothold I see the problems occurring in the rivers and harbors of Lake Michigan, not in the large main body. Milwaukee Ice Fishing Report: Fishing remains slow expect no more than a few fish each trip.  Browns have been making up the majority of the catch with the occasional steelhead.  Concentrate your efforts around the sea walls where possible.  Both chartreuse spawn sacks and golden shiners have been working. 

Good Luck.



  • James

    I agree that the Asian Carp invasion is a real issue of concern. One shouldn’t be surprised that the ONLY Great Lake state to oppose protecting the lakes is our southern neighbor.

  • James

    It’s all about Chicago. Chicago has a lot of pull. It’s an impressive engineering feat the redirection of the Chicago River and it was a good thing in the 19th and early 20th Century. But we need to re-evaluate things in light of invasive species.

  • poseidonflies09

    I know. Very disappointing. What really irks me is Obama ran on the premise that he would allow no more invasive species into the lake, no matter what. Yet he has stood behind the city of Chicago. I guess Asian carp don’t qualify??? Or did he mean as long as it doesn’t effect his beloved Chicago…..

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